The Freedom Card 
The Freedom Card ATM/Debit Card offers you the FREEDOM to 'Go Everywhere & Do Everything!'   
Make purchases with funds from your checking account without having to write a check...groceries, gas, or anything else...wherever MasterCard® is accepted nationwide!   
Plus NO ATM FEES at any ATM machine NATIONWIDE (regardless of network or bank). Make a minimum withdrawal of $50 per transaction, and we will waive the surcharge fees. They're ALL in our network! 
ATM/Debit Card Pin Change 
If you already know your PIN, call 800.448.8268 and follow the simple voice instructions. Have your card number ready.   
If you have forgotten your PIN, please contact your local branch office during regular business hours.   
If you have tried to use your PIN and have failed 3 times, you must wait until after 4:30 pm EST to try again. It is recommended that you first call your local branch office for further assistance before trying again. For security reasons, banking personnel cannot reset the PIN fail attempts manually and customers must wait until 4:30 pm EST the following day to attempt again. Customers can only change a PIN one time in a 24-hour period. 
MasterCard® SecureCode™ 
Shop online securely. 
MasterCard® SecureCode™ gives you added security for your online purchases. If you are already signed up, you can sign in to the Personal Account Manager. 
As our valued customer, we are now offering you MasterCard SecureCode. With MasterCard SecureCode, at the end of each online purchase you sign a receipt with your private SecureCode™. 
Only you can sign the receipt, thus ensuring a safe online shopping experience! Click here to see where you can buy with MasterCard SecureCode. 
And it is FREE to register and use. 
The Citizens Bank customers can click here to learn more and register! 
The Community Bank customers can click here to learn more and register!  

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